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Have you ever watched any youtube video and wish that you could save it on your device? Though you can share and  stream youtube content online by Snaptube App , you are not allowed to download content directly from youtube. Since downloading videos form  youtube’s official site or app is against the terms of service of youtube. But what if you could download your favorite videos from the internet anytime you want?  here’s an easy way with which you can download youtube content and videos on your device and watch it offline on Snaptube App. There are many apps available across various platforms  from where you can download youtube videos and other content directly without any hassle. These apps can download content such as videos, music and movies on any device  and watch it anytime even without an internet connection. Also these apps have an option for downloading the video in different resolutions and formats. For example you can download any video in mp3 format (i.e audio format) and only an audio of that video will be saved instead of the whole video, This feature makes Snaptube App more convenient for downloading music and videos from

Snaptube is the  app launched recently which is available for streaming ,downloading and sharing  videos that are available on the internet .It comes with amazing features which allows you to  download videos in different formats and do much more than just stream videos. Snaptube is an easy , safe and convenient app for downloading high quality videos from websites such as youtube, facebook, dailymotion etc . What could be better than being able to stream unlimited videos and also download them for free . So if watching videos and movies is your favorite passtime then this app is made just for you!

App Name Snaptube APK
File Size 3.03 MB
Version Latest
Developer Snaptube
Downloads 50,00,000+


Let’s see more about the features of this app and also how you can install this on your device.

snaptube apk


Snaptube is a perfect all in one application software meant for streaming ,downloading and sharing videos.This app is getting highly popular these days because of its interactive and unique features like background downloading,video quality control, safety while downloading etc. Its like a single entertainment application which you need on your phone. It is a smart and efficient app which does a lot of things more than just watching videos. For the sites like youtube which do not allow any option for downloading videos , Snaptube is a great option to go for. With using snaptube you don’t have to worry about managing different apps as this app will do everything you need In this way you can save a lot of memory space which could have been consumed by other apps.You can download any video from the internet to your device using this app in a very quick and  easy way .You just need to search for the url of that website and then find the video on the website or you can simply search the correct keyword for the video and this app will find it for you. Along with the downloading feature Snaptube has a lot many interactive features which makes this app more useful, efficient and different from other apps.

Earlier we used to struggle for downloading good quality videos from any website as the downloading option is not available on most of the sites and the websites which were available for downloading videos were not convenient and safe for use but with using this app you can  probably download any video from internet directly on your smartphone or device in no time using Snaptube App. Also This app is safe for use and will not spam your device with virus and malware ,so you can download any content that you want without any security issues. This app works faster and also it takes less memory space , so it will not slow down the performance of your device and will consume less energy of your device. Along with downloading videos from youtube , snap

tube gives an option for downloading  videos from a bunch of websites. So you have the freedom to download content from any website without any hassle.

Snaptube works just like youtube does for streaming videos  but it has a lot of options other than just watching videos. You can even play games online and do much more. There are many games available on the app which you can play online and if you play right you might earn through those games also. These games and other ads makes this app more interesting and will not let you get bored. As we know youtube and other similar websites provide no option for downloading videos and the other ways of downloading videos is complicated and not feasible for all devices , this gives the purpose for snaptube app. Using this app you can download the video just in one click and also all the downloads are efficiently managed by the app itself . The best part about this app is that you can also manage that how you want to download the file i.e you can change the resolution of the video file that you are downloading  and also you can convert the format of the video file. This app provides the choice of various formats and resolutions for the same video so that you can choose the compatible format for your device . There is no restriction for downloading the video in a particular format using Snaptube App. You can freely download unlimited videos and music content without any boundation form this app for free. So for those who love to watch youtube content and wish that you could download it, snaptube is the best destination for them.

The snaptube app is not just an android based application , it is supported across various platforms and devices. Snaptube can be downloaded on android smartphones,ios and also on pc. This app works efficiently on all these platforms and is durable.

The layout of Snaptube app has very interactive and user friendly so that anyone can use it effortlessly. It has an interactive home page which is divided into categories namely video sites,popular and category.This division among categories makes it easier for searching any video or reaching any site. One more interesting feature is added to the app which helps in finding new videos. The apps automatically collects the popular videos and add it to the popular section so that user can discover new and interesting videos daily. These sections makes the appearance of this app more clean and organized. Along with the download option this app comes with the share option also with which you can  share the content directly from the snaptube app on facebook, twitter, whatsapp etc.

By far we have seen what is snaptube all about. Now let’s see in detail about the significantly unique features of this app which makes it efficient and useful.

snsptube apk


Snaptube comes with many additional features which are not provided in normal youtube video downloaders From being able to download any video from the internet to playing games and music, This app does it all for you.Unlike other video downloaders snaptube has a great advantage over them as it also provides an option for choosing the video quality you want. also converting the format of the video is a0n interesting feature. You can save the audio file of the video by downloading it in mp3 format. When you click on download button the app automatically shows the size the fill will occupy on your device. File size in kb/mb is shown right next to the downloading options so that you can choose the option according your requirement. For some large files which occupy a lot of space, you can save them in different formats and save extra memory space on your device. Managing downloads from this app is also very simple,you can easily start, stop ,cancel and resume your downloads. Snaptube app is totally secure from viruses and malware, it provides safe downloads and will not harm your device.

Snaptube downloads not just youtube videos but it also also supports different websites from where you can download videos and music. You can easily download content from those websites  which do not provide any option for downloading a file for eg. youtube. Currently snaptube supports following sites- facebook, instagram, vevo, whatsappdaily, dailymotion, vimeo, vine, uclip, metacafe, liveleak, twitter,, soundcloud, pagalworld, dailytube, mrpopat, pinguda, 3gpmania, funnyordie and Snaptube also has an inbuilt browser which allows you to browse different websites within the app itself. This app has various entertainment features for its users, You can discover new videos daily and can check the latest and top rated videos. The popular and top rated videos are updated by the app itself timely.

Snaptube app allows you to watch and download unlimited content and it won’t charge any fee. This app takes less space on your device and it does not affects the performance of you device. It is a free to download app and being a small sized file it can be downloaded in a blink of an eye. We will further see how you can install the Snaptube app on you android / ios smartphone and pc.

snaptube apk



Among all the regular video streaming apps, snaptube has a different place. The multifunctionality of this app makes it different from regular video streaming apps. This app stands out because of its various features which are not there in apps like youtube,facebook  instagram etc. Mostly you can only stream contents online but with this app you can not only stream videos,you can download them too.

DOWNLOADING FEATURE– Downloading videos and music content from this app is a highlighting feature of this app. Snaptube provides the most easy and simple way for downloading video and music content. This app can directly download any video that is available on the websites online.  Youtube and other websites have privacy issues because of which you are not allowed to download videos from the official sites. Snaptube can download videos from all those sites which do not have the download option available on their site. Snaptube downloads the videos and other content by directly accessing those websites . This is done by the app automatically when you search for a video in the search bar of the app. You need to give the correct keyword for the content and click on the search button , After which the results related to that content are listed from where you can click on the video that you were looking for. The other way of searching a content is to open  the website using the snaptube app. This can be done by selecting the website directly from the listed sites in the “video sites” section of the home page of the app. Then you can select and play the video from the website. Once you are find the video you are looking for ,you can click on the download button and the downloading will begin. you can keep a track on your downloads and make it through the app itself. The snaptube app efficiently manages and controls all the download related takes and you can download your video with ease . You can check the status of the file downloading from the Download manager of the app and the downloading can even be cancelled or paused and resumed later.

This Snaptube app has a background downloading feature which means that you can download a file and stream new content simultaneously. You can start the downloading of a file and the downloading will continue in the background while you stream new content or even play games. Therefore this app can multitask in an efficient way and you don’t have to wait for the download to be completed for streaming other content. All of that can be done at the same time.

CHANGING VIDEO FORMAT AND RESOLUTION– This another feature which is unlike regular apps. While we are about to download a file , this Snaptube app gives you the option to choose the video quality and format in which you want to download the file.After we click on the download button the download video as option allows us to select the among the music file formats and the video resolutions for the selected file. The Snaptube app allows you to choose a resolution of the video (i.e video quality) ranging from lowest quality 144 Px to highest quality 1080 Px in HD. Depending upon the memory space and the internet speed you can choose the resolution of the video file. Another feature of this app is that it can also convert the format of a video file from mp4 to mp3 i.e in audio file.For converting video file into audio file, music file format is selected from the options provided by the app before downloading begins. This is an convenient option for those who have less space on their device or for the times when we only want to download a song instead of the complete video. By choosing the mp3 format the audio from the video will be extracted and an mp3 file will be saved for that video. The music format option provides two options which are mp3 and m4A formats for changing the audio quality.

A WELL ORGANIZED APP-  Snaptube is a very organised application and it provides ease of access to its users. The interface is not too complicated and anyone can search contents easily through the app. The overall layout and the design of the app is clean and simple. As we open the app, firstly the home page appears. The home page is divided into four sections namely video site,popular,top and categories and it also has a search bar ,settings and download manager option. The first section i.e  video sites contains all those websites which are supported by the snaptube app. You can select any website given in that section and the website will open. The popular section has a collection of all the popular videos of your area and also the recommended videos for you are listed. Top section contains all the top rated and most downloaded videos of the week. The categories section provides 12 categories for the user and user can search content category-wise. the categories provided by the app are music, games, lifestyle , pets, entertainment, movies, news, sports , education , apps and games, and others. This makes it easier for the user to search content through the app.

Using the search bar you can search any video directly by giving the right keyword for the video and clicking on the search button. The download manager will help you to manage all the downloads and also all the downloaded files are visible  in this section. You can make changes in the app from the settings option given next to the search bar.

PLAY GAMES ONLINE– This app can do much more than just downloading and streaming videos. There are many games available on the snaptube app which you can play online. You can browse games in the apps and games section of the app and play the game of your choice.Also there are some games available with play and win option, It means  you get a prize amount if you win. So you can play as well as earn easily, right from home.

FULL ENTERTAINMENT PACKAGE- With snaptube app you will not need any other app for your entertainment. This app has all what you need on your smartphone. You can play music,watch ,download and share unlimited videos and do much more all for free. You can browse through all the social media websites like youtube, facebook, instagram etc. and download content from the app itself. This will save a lot of space on your device as you do not need a bunch of applications for different things.


snaptube apk

Now a days social media websites like youtube, facebook and instagram have been trending and these apps are present on any android or ios smartphone and device. Snaptube is a great alternative for these apps altogether. Its like is a complete package for entertainment on your smartphones. With the snaptube app you will not need different apps for downloading and streaming content as this app can do all of that an much more. Snaptube app is getting highly popular because of its versatility. It is not just a video downloader, it has other interactive options also which makes is different from others.

Snaptube is an ideal video downloader as it can download unlimited content from the internet in on touch. It also takes lesser space on your device so that the performance of your phone is not affected by the app. You can use this app as a video downloader and also as your music player. With snaptube app you can listen to your favorite music, watch videos and play games at one place. This app will make your smartphone more functional and you will not need additional apps for entertainment purpose. This app has attractive graphics and the app is not too complicated, Its  easy to understand and use this app. Along with watching videos you can also share the content with others directly from the app , sharing videos with this app is quick and easy.


snaptube apk

Snaptube is not just meant for android users you can also get it installed on your PC. Snaptube is compatible will various operating system environments such as windows xp, windows 7,windows 10 and other operating systems. Sometimes downloading videos and movies on your PC becomes a difficult task , you don’t get a reliable place for downloading content and there is a threat of your system getting infected by viruses. Snaptube makes downloading contents from internet safe and hassle free . You can download the snaptube app on your PC and download unlimited videos and music on your computer. Its a reliable and safe app to be installed on your computer. You don’t have to worry about the system failure due to viruses and malware. This app will make downloading content on your PC easier and it can efficiently manage all the download related tasks. It will not take much space on your PC and you can also manage the size of the files being downloaded. Click here to Download Snaptube Apk 


Snaptube is an easy to install and compatible app which can be installed on various smartphones and devices. Its can be downloaded on android, Ios and on pc’s. It comes in a small size package which will not consume a lot of memory space and will also get downloaded quickly. This app is of size 10.5 mb and the latest version available of this app is, updated in january 2018. It is important to note that the snaptube app is not available on the google play store as the google policy does not allows youtube downloading apps for copyright purposes.  You can download the snaptube app from its official website i.e or from other app downloading apps like 9Apps store.



Q.why this Snaptube app is not available on google play store? does this app contains malware?

  1. this app can not be downloaded from google play store because of googles privacy policy . Google does not allows the downloading youtube downloaders for its copyright concerns and issues. This app is completely free from viruses and does not contains any malware.

Q.Can any video be downloaded for free?

  1. yes you can download any video which is supported by the Snaptube app for free.

Q.How to filter the search results?

  1. you can change the duration and time related settings ,the option is available at the bottom of the results page.

Q.How can Snaptube be updated?

  1. you can update the software whenever a new version of the software is launched. The app will notify you about the software update. You can also update the software from the official website of the app.

Q.Is snaptube legal to use?

  1. Yes this app is legal and authorized for personal use but any violation of rules can lead to legal issues. you must use the app under the laws of your country.

Q.Can videos from other sites like facebook can be downloaded?

  1. Just like any video from youtube, you can also download videos from other social sites. You need to login using the snaptube app and whenever any video comes up on your timeline, the app will itself show an option for download.

Q.How to download videos from instagram?

A.You can download images and videos from snapchat by firstly choosing the copy/share button from the more option ,then go to snaptube app and the url will automatically open and now you can download the file. using the download button.

  1. why we can’t copy url from facebook app for downloading videos?
  2. currently copy url feature is only allowed for the public posts on facebook. Content that is shared among restricted number of people can not be downloaded by the app.

Q.what should be done when the message “failed to query video info’ occurs?

  1. this means that the connection between you and the server is weak, you can either wait for the connection and try after some time or if the problem still persists you can send us a bug report along with the video url.

Q.How to download videos from the websites that are not listed in the homepage of app?

  1. you can copy and paste the url of the requires website into the search bar of the app and press the search button, the website will open in the app. If you frequenlty visit any website you can add the url of the website on the snaptube app’s home page.

Q.How to delete search and download history?

A.for deleting search history click on the search bar and swipe up ,the searched history will appear. Then click on the trash button to delete the history. for deleting downloaded history you can go to my videos and then click on downloaded , there you can find the delete history and downloaded files option.

Q.How to share video and music files?

  1. For sharing files you need to go to my videos and then tap on the video and choose the share option. Then you can select how to transfer the files from the given options like bluetooth, shareit etc.


Snaptube is an ultimate entertainment app that you need on your  smartphone. Its a rare video downloading app which comes with so many interactive and useful features. This is a light weight and a fast processing app which can work efficiently across various devices. You can install this app on your PC and smartphones for downloading high quality videos and music content , which is available on the internet.This app supports many websites from where you can browse and download content. Its unique features like downloading files in different formats and resolutions makes this app more useful. With this app you can download videos from all those websites which restrict downloading files. The downloads are efficiently managed by the Snaptube app and you will not have to wait until a downloading process is completed. You can stream videos and download files at the same time . This is a all in one app as it can be used as a video downloader,video player and also as a music player . You can even play games using this app. The design of this app is very clean and simple. This app is very organized  so that you can find what you are looking for without any hassle. The app also gives an option for downloading files over wifi , you can select download over wifi option and reduce your data usage.

So if you are looking for a single multipurpose app which can do all what you need, Snaptube app is the best option for you. It is smart, simple and a secure app and the best part its for free!





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