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Snaptube for PC

Snaptube is an app for downloadind free movies and Tv shows form the internet. With snapube installed on your device you can easily download any video you like. Snaptube also provides you with smooth video streaming services completely free. Snaptube 208 version for PC includes all the cool features. Initially it was released only for android with all the amazing features on demand. Snaptube is the only app that is perfectly compatible across all platforms. It is supported by android devices IOS based devices and also BlackBerry. Snaptube has a really simple interface. The user will face no difficulty in downloading there favorite movies and TV shows. Snaptube is extremely useful when it comesd to managing content for your YouTube channel. Now you can easily manage what you download or upload content on your channel. Snaptube has made it easier for YouTubers to create their video library on youtube channel. Snaptube is not directly available for download on the play store and IOS app store. You don’t need to worry we have penned down the method to download Snaptube. Scroll down and you will find the steps mentioned. Just follow those steps and you can download them easily.

Snaptube is one of top ranked third party apps for downloading videos from the net. Who would have thought that downloading videos would become such an easy task. Those days are gone when you had download songs from and videos from visiting all these sites you had to risk your phone to all the virus prone websites. All you could manage to download was a couple of viruses on your device. No worries, as aforementioned those days are gone. Snaptube lets all its user download videos and that too for free. Unlike all other apps that disturb you by popping ads and unnecessary services Snaptube is quite the opposite. A simple interface lets you easily find your favorite movie and download them with high speed (highest according to internet connection).

Snaptube is a package of amazaing features. Download snaptube and enjoy free downloading service and more. Snaptube is the only app that provides free streaming services that too free. It does not charge any fee for streaming. Snaptube is the only app that streams in 4K quality. There is no other app that could provide 4K streaming free. Although snaptube is not listed on playstore but still its users are growing day by day. Snaptube has made it easy to download any video even from the PC. You will be needing a android emulator for eunning snaptube on PC. We will guide you throgh the process of downloading and installing snaptube on PC. Just follow the steps mentioned below and get ready to enjoy free services and much more.

Features of Snaptube PC

Snaptube for PC comes with some eye catching features. If you are tired of searching apps for PC that downloads videos for you from YouTube. Well your search is over, Snaptube is here. Snaptube users can download videos from YouTube for free. Not just YouTube videos but Snaptube PC lets you download videos from anywhere acros world wide web. All you need to do is copy the link of video you want to download and pste it in the URL bar in Snaptube app on your PC. And just like that your video will be downloaded. Snaptube comes loaded with cool features. Some of the best features are mentioned below-

  • Customized video library- Snaptube has an in-built video library from which the users can download the video of their choice. The library is divided according to the generes the users get to choose from a collection of thousands of videos. All of which is available for download from just a click.
  • User Friendly Interface-Snaptube app for PC comes with an easy to use interface. You don’t need to be computer geek to download video from the internet. Unlike other applications which are difficult to use because of complex structure and non-user friendly interface. But that is not the case with Snaptube it’s easy to use interface. Anyone can easily download videos of their choice.
  • No external Search engines required- one of the best features of snaptube for PC is the inbuilt search engine for searching videos from the inside. Now you don’t need to look for your video links on google or any other browser based search engine. Do it directly from the Snaptube app. This feature has made downloading process easier for the users.
  • Stable download technology- there are many apps on the market that guarantee stable downloads but they fail to do so. Snaptube app not only delivers stable downloads but with high download speed with jitters next to none. Download snaptube now and enjoy hassle free downloading.
  • ADS free- Snaptube is completely ads free. There will be no popups during the use of the app. The developers took special care that there should be no disturbing ads.
  • Efficient file manager- Snaptube app comes with file manager. It manages your downloading and downloaded videos. It helps your manage your storage space. The files that are downloaded using snaptube app arte efficiently stored and managed. So you don’t worry about the storage space just download video and the snaptube will manage the rest.
  • Free streaming service- there are many apps available that offer free streaming services. But here is the catch, after a while( few minutes of streaming) it will be prompted on the screen thst the trial version is over and for further free streaming you have to pay. But this is not the case in snaptube for PC. It completely free of cost. The user will not be charged with any kind of fee.
  • Channel management system- This is the latest feature Snaptube The version 4.50 of Snaptube comes with the channel manager. With this feature you manage your channels on YouTube directly from snaptube app. Snaptube makes it easy to manage video content on YouTube channel. Not just YouTube channel any other social media channel can be managed by Snaptube for PC.
  • Fast Downloads- snaptube offers incredibly fast download speed. Depending on your internet connection it will use its full bandwidth allocated and provide you the best possible speed. Snaptube is far better than any other app when it comes to download speed.
  • Performance- it offers you the most elegant performance on your devices. Whether you are using it on your android phones or Iphones or Windows based PC or laptop. It runs so smooth in the background that it consumes almost no RAM at all. It does use up much of the battery life of your device. It will not heat up the device. It has a simple and smooth interface.
  • Small size- if you are worried that it will use much of your space and clog your devices memory then don’t worry it is very small in size. Snaptube only makes up of 7MB. It is a very small won’t be needing much of the space. So don’t worry, go ahead and download snaptube.
  • Embeded Fil manager- Snaptube apps gives you a free file manager for managing your downloaded files. It efficiently manages your storage space and prompts if you are about to use all your memory.
  • Type conversion- Snaptube allows you to convert the file type. If your device does not support .mkv files then you can convert it .mp4 for free. Snaptube is versatile app that supports almost every feature regarding video downloads

Snaptube VS YTdownloader

Snaptube has been attracting users because it amazing features. Snaptube was released in late 2014 since then its users have been increasing on daily basis. Snaptube for PC has been outranking any other app of it niche. Snaptube as compared to other applications has a wider range of features. Snaptube also has a better compatibility across all platforms as compared to YT video downloader. YT downloader has sketchy interface. It will download your video that’s for sure but you have to go through tedious amount of work. Let me walk you through the process of downloading videos via any other apps other than snaptube. So. First of all good luck finding the appropriate link for your favorite movie or music video or whatever it is you want to download. You have to invest your precious time in researching for your video link. If you find the link after long hours of research on traditional search engines, the next step is using the oddly interfaced apps. The second you open the you will see a series of popup ads non screen. And then you paste your video link and wait for forever to download the video with unstable download speed.

When it comes to downloading videos from Snaptube you can do it with the snap of your fingers( no, I’m not Thanos). You can literally do it by a single tap on the screen of your devices. Snaptube latest updates give you feature in which you can search for your video directly from the inside of the app. And not to mention the video library filled with millions of cool video stuff. So it is established that snaptube, handsdown, is the best video downloading app across the universe. Download Snaptube now and enjoy fast downloading!!

Snaptube has other reasons as of why users prefer Snaptube for downloading videos from the internet and not any other apps. The reason is simple, it does not fill your computer with viruses. Snaptube does not contain Ads, so you will not be disturbed with any pop ups. Another reason is the awesome performance. Snaptube app offers a great performance across all devices. It uses minimal RAM because of which you device doesent heat up. It does not consume much of your battery life. Because of the advanced compression algorithms used in snaptube for downloading video it has stable download speed. There are no jitters whatsoever.


How to download Snaptube PC

Snaptube  is a third party app. You will not find it in Play store or App store on IOS. Snaptube is very easy to download. You will be needing an APK file to install Snaptube. But you cannot directly run a APK filke on your PC. All you need is Bluestacks. It has android app emulator. Usinf Bluestack you can run android apps on your PC. So, visit and downlolad it on your PC. Once you have downloaded the bluestacks on your PC install and follow the steps mentioned below. Snaptube is completely harmful. There are no viruses on Snaptube app. It will run smooth as a butter on PC. Go ahead follow the steps mentioned below-

  1. Download the Snaptube APK file from the link below.
  2. Once downloaded. Goto bluestacks and tap on add APK
  3. Look for Snaptube APK file and click install
  4. Now your Snaptube app is installed.


There are many questions that comes in the minds of the users. The users often ask many question and try to sort out their queries regarding snaptube app. We will answer all your questions here. A list of frequently asked question has been mentioned below. These are the most common questions that comes in users mind. Hopefully they can help you out-

  1. Is snaptube a good app?
  2. Yes, snaptube is a very good app. It has all the amazing features that a user requires in order to gain hassle free user experience.
  3. Is snaptube harmful for my PC?
  4. No, Snaptube unlike other apps does not load your PC with viruses. It is completely Ads free. Snaptube is the best third party app for downloading video from the internet.
  5. Is snaptube full of viruses?
  6. No, snaptube is not full of viruses. It is completely virus free. It will not harm your computer in any way.
  7. Downloading Snaptube legal in India?
  8. Yes, downloading snaptube in india is legal. No are no issues in downloading it. You can freely download your videos anytime anywhere.

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